British Young Style Icon : Laura Hollins – "Aggy" Deyn

So to Finish off my Top Three Young British Style Icons, Im going to show you, who I think, is The No.1 British Style Icon, The Model Laura Hollins! I know, I know your shouting at the screen going who the “Hell” is Laura Hollins, well I will give you a few Clues;
She is very famous for her extremely Long Legs && her Peroxide Pixie haircut and also She is the Best Friend of Fashion Designer Henry Holland (the face of his Collection “House of Holland”) & BBC radio’s Nick Grimshaw.
Guessed it yet? Yeah your right, its Agyness Deyn.
Deyn is from Failsworth in Manchester. The daughter of a nurse, Lorraine, and second of three children. She started working at the age of 13, at a fish and chip shop. Even at an early age she had an eye for style, by 17 she had her shaved her head…”I’ve had short hair since I was 13, and when I was 17, I had a skinhead!”

Shes also like Peaches Geldof in a way, because she always has a different Style, Colour or Cut on her Hair whenever you see her! Shes usually had her Peroxide Hair colour but it has been bobbed, chopped up & now shes had it all Shaved off (Glastonbury 2010)! She also had her hair dyed Jet Black and even Bright Orange.

Her hair has changed but her Fashion Taste has stayed the same. She is always up to date with the latest Trends, but yet she doesn’t just take them straight from the catwalk, she always puts her own twist on things. She even buys from clothes from the High Street, even though she can afford Designer. That’s what you call a British Style Icon at heart 🙂 She has done this in many ways, such as: Wearing a Blue Blazer but not just with a normal Tee, Noooo she wore it over a Pink & Blue ruffled shirt, with the Over sized Collar out over the jacket and also with some White Brogues warming her toes to be wearing a Bright Pink Round Neck, No Collar Jacket over an Arty-type Dress with a pair seductive Lined opaque Stockings peeking out from under the Dress to be using a Black Envelope Clutch clasped beside a Black & Blue Leather & Faux Fur dress with Black Leather Ankle Boots. God I’m out of breath now, these have to prove how stylish she is! No?
But before we finish off I’ve gotta say that Mrs Deyn here isn’t just stylish when shes going to a Party, Red Carpet or whatever. She looks just as stylish when shes out and about doing her daily business. I swear this girl never looks bad! Shes been seen wearing A leopard Print Jacket with Black Jersey Dress over some Electric Blue Tights to be wearing High-Waisted Black Pants with White Braces a Red & Cream Scarf loosely tied around her neck with a Grey Bowler Hat also to be seen Strolling along the street in Black & Leopard Print Leggings (or are they Jeans) under a Red “Wanted Youth” Vest Tee with those well used White Patent Brogues. How much do you envy this girls wardrobe?
I swear can this girl get anymore Stylish! Shes been said to be in High Demand from all the Top Fashion Designers. They are all just so jealous of Henry Holland having Mrs Deyn as his best friend!
Hope You have enjoyed my Posts on British Young Style Icons,
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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