British Young Style Icon .2. : Daisy Lowe

Today I said I’d do another Young Style Icon, Someone who is literally brought up in the Fashion Industry as her mom is a Fashion Designer. She is a young model, with legs that go on forever & a name thats taken from a flower. Yes It is Ms Daisy Lowe. I must say this girl has got the Legs, the Style & the Looks, sure shes had “a few” Famous Boyfriends, but we will get to that later. She is the daughter of Pearl Lowe, the singer/songwriter turned fashion designer, and Gavin Rossdale, the front man of the band, Bush. She has many famous friends from the Fashion Industry, such as; Agyness Deyn, Alice Dellal, Peaches & Pixie Geldof!

She has a very Rocker Chick style but with a sprinkle of Femininity and a dash of Hippy Festival Style.
When she goes to festivals such as Coachella her fashion always differs (yet theres always at least one pair of Wellies in sight!), you never know what she might wear, which makes her a Trend Setter becasue she barely ever wears the same thing more than twice. Her festival outfits have ranged from Black leather Legging & a Blue “Jaws” tee to a Navy Fringed Bandage Style skirt with Brown Leather Satchel and to a Hippy Style Knee Lenght, Pink & Orange Dress with Rounded Red Framed Shades. Oooh how I love her mixed, yet comfy Festival Style.

Festivals aren’t the only place that she shows off her style off, because when she was out and about with those fellas of hers she always looked stylish. I swear this girl is preety lucky when it comes to guys from her ex Red-Headed, indie boyfriend Will Cameron, to her other ex guitarist, music producer, and co-founder of Allido Records, Mark Ronson to the recent Doctor Who Matt Smith, yet she says “They’re only friends”. Yeah Sure Daisy, how could you be “only friends” with Matt Smith like?
So im going to finish off this Post on Trend Setter Daisy Lowe, in a different way today. I hope you enjoyed reading all of the above, hope I didnt bore you too much! :L
Im going to finish off with a Picture. A Photograph taken for Hello Magazine. It is a photograph of Ms Daisy Lowe with her mother Pearl Lowe. This pcture is really beautiful & it shows how alike this Mother & Daughter are!

Thanks for Reading, Lots of Lovee,

Hannah .x.


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