Summer Trends .3. : Finale :)

So To be honest I think I’ve given you two must have summer trends, that you need in your wardrobe. So today I’m going to finish off with my final Summer must have. Socks.
Okay, okay Calm down there, I’m not losing it!? I know its Summer & you don’t wear socks in the summer, but I’m not talking about those thick, white, nearly half way up your calf – Socks. I’m talking about those gorgeous light, lacy, just above the ankle – Socks, which come in many colours so you won’t have to look like a doushebag! Before I go anywhere I need to inform you of the way you MUST WEAR theses kind-of socks, with Heels … Mary Jane’s, Peep Toe Pumps, Court Shoes, Elevator Heels, etc. DO NOT WEAR THEM WITH FLAT SANDALS. Please!?

I know this goes against everything your Mammy said when you were little, “Never wear socks under sandals!” but technically heels aren’t sandals!? πŸ™‚

This idea was introduced in the Spring/Summer collection of many designers from Burberry with their Cream Silk Socks hidden under Beige, Elevated, Bandage Heels to Dior with their Black laced socks clearly visible under “Dark” Gold, 40’s style, Peep Toe Heels. I must say, they really did make me embrace this trend. They looked classy, elegant & comfortable (it stops us from getting blisters on our heels!?
But I know your probably not one of those people that can afford Designer Ankle Socks, actually to be honest who buys Designer Ankle Socks anyways?! So this time instead of showing you what kind of Ankle Socks the High Street has to offer, I’m going to show you Celebrities who wear Ankle Socks from the High Street. The following beauties have been influenced by what the designers have shown in their Spring/Summer Collection & they’ve done it in their own way. So I’ve given you Three British Celebrities that have worn them their own way (Probably from the High Street!): Ferne Cotton wearing Black & Grey Stripy Ankle Socks with Purple Wooden Elevated Heels, Kelly Osborne wearing simple White Ankle Socks with Black Old-School Elevated Heels & not forgetting the beautiful Red Haired (like me) Florence Welch also wearing simple White Ankle Socks under Golden Beige Crossover Satin Heels with a Crimson Red Elevated Heel. I must say They all hit this Trend with a nail on the head.
I’m sorry but I can’t show you how I wear this trend because I don’t really wear Heels – yet!? – but when I start I will post, Okay?!
So I guess I’ve shown you the three main Trends of this Summer how the Designers wear them, how the celebrites wear them, how I wear them, but I’d love to see how YOUU wear them!? Email me at and show me how you wear either Maxi Dresses, Shorts or Ankle Socks with Heels. C’mon you can do it!?
Thanks for reading my Blogs on Summer Trends, hope you’ve learnde something new πŸ˜€
Watch this space.
Lots of Lovee,
Hannah .x.

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