Basic Tip : Stripes

Right before I go anywhere I need to inform SOME people about the basics in fashion. So I went to into town and there was this girl wearing a navy & white stripy dress, it was terrible on her. So today I ‘m going to give you a few basic tips about what stripes really do to your figure, Here we go:

  • Lines going in a vertical direction (up the way) makes a person look taller & slimmer.
  • Lines going in a horizontal direction (across) make a person look broader, but they also add weight & make a person look slightly fatter. So to be honest, stay away from any type of clothing that has horizontal stripes.
  • Lines that have an illusion of a curve, gives a softer look to clothes.
  • Lines going in a diagonal direction give a dramatic & striking effect, so they’re good if you want to make an “subtle” impact!

So theres a few basic pointers on stripes. I hope you will read this OVER & OVER AGAIN until its IMBEDED in your MEMORY. Okay, because you really need to know the above points if you want to look good.

I hope I didn’t insult anyone in the making of this blog!?

Lots of love, Hannah.x


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