Summer Trends .2.

So I’ve already let those glorious Maxi Dresses have their time in the spotlight, now its the turn of the Shorts. I know, I know when you hear the word shorts you think: “oh god those dreaded shorts!?” But c’mon when you think of Summer you have to think of shorts!
They come in many different fabrics, styles, colours & sizes, so don’t worry you wont have to look like mutton dressed as lamb, if you know what I mean?
All the celebrities are wearing them from the beautiful, curvaceous Beyonce Knowles to the amazing, red-haired (like me!) Florence Welch.

Many Designers have included at least one pair of short in their 2010 spring/summer collection. They range from shorts that only the brave wear to shorts that are wearable to any age. They can be subtle or statement, black or colour, short-short or knee lenght, its really whatever you feel comfortable and confident in!

Influence yourself by either Balmain’s black, light “denim” style hotpants, Fendi’s bright orange, high-waisted, tie belted shorts or Luella’s monochrome spotty delights!

Don’t worry though if your not one of those people who get VIP invitations, for front row seats at fashion shows, by the designers themselves. All you have to do is get a front row seat on your local bus and hop off at your local high street, because believe me, no matter what shop you go into Shorts will be in there. There not even a want for your Summer wardrobe. They’re a NEED!? I have given you a few examples below of what you will find in your local High Street, just in case you don’t really know what your looking for.

But Before I go anyway I must inform you of another must have for this summer Bike Shorts.
Its a way of wearing your shorts, but not showing off too much leg. They’re in all the magazines, so don’t worry you won’t look like a freak! They come in a range of colours and patterns. Topshop, DKNY & House of Holland, have shown them in their Spring/Summer collections, and they look gorgeously Summery. Okay, okay I know DKNY isn’t affordable but c’mon now Topshop is & House of Holland … well … It can be!?

Okay so now I have shown you how the designers show their Shorts, the beauties on the High Street & The fabulous new way of wearing them, so I guess Thats all I can really tell you about shorts. C’mon girls be brave this Summer, just whip on a little tinted moisturiser, put on some gladiators & show all the guys what you’ve got. What have you got to lose? Don’t be embarrassed about your legs (don’t worry we all have wobbly legs, but its just muscle!) in the sun they always look about 10 times longer, shiner & slimmer!

Hey now if I can wear shorts many times, so can you. Trust me on this one!? šŸ˜‰

Lots of Red-Headed Love,


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  1. jana says:

    Hannah you Icon, Cool Blog (L).
    Inform me of any new post :L Im likin it šŸ™‚
    Jana, x


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