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Hello There! 🙂
So this is my first time Blogging (as you probably guessed) so I’m not very good at it. Hopefully I will improve as time goes by, but for now just go easy on me.
I want to make this a Fashion Blog, but before I get into all the Fashion & Style side of things I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself.
To start things off I’m obsessed with Fashion, Photography, My SLR, Paris, Doctor Who Florence Welch, Vampire Weekend, GaGa and Two very important films … Nowhere Boy && Forrest Gump. Best. Films. Of. All. Time!
Well to be honest that kind of sums me up, oh and that I love My Hair 🙂

Well I wanted to create this (Fashion) blog because:
1. My Friends kept telling me to make one.
2. I Love fashion.
3. I want to see will many people be interested in what I write.

I know I’m probably rambling on a bit but I said I’d just tell you all that before I start, Thanks for “everyone” who is reading this!

Lots of Love,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kieran walsh says:

    looking for some more details of people who blog on up coming fashion shows and events


    1. hannahheww says:

      What exactly are you looking for, other bloggers or help/more-info about me?

      Don’t be afraid to email me at: Hannah.heww@gmail.com


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